Friday, December 26, 2008

And the theme of this year's Christmas treats is......

...Chocolate and Cherries? I suppose so, considering the fact that I made 3 chocolate cherry cakes!

The first one consisted of two of the cakes as it was two tiers. This was for my friend to take to his family Christmas celebration. :)

Tada! In case you can't tell, I love taking side shots of my cakes :D
Cake #3! This one was a bit less grandiose-- but still quite delicious! teeheehee.
Moving past chocolate and cherries (on second thought, keep the chocolate!), here we have chocolate swirled cheezecakes! woohoo. I love the little chocolate cages!
And last but not least, the annual rugelach! This year's flavor is blackberry cinnamon pecan. Hooray!
I know this isn't food, but I had to post pics of these anyway because HELLO I got Christmas flowers!!!! From the same friend that now has the cake =)
I is a happy child :)

** I promise I'll get around to posting recipes for everything that you guys comment on, like the crackers from Thanksgiving (EEEOOPS.) yeah. Thanks to all my faithful friends who still visit! I'm sorry that I've taken such a long hiatus! I'm sorry to say that I'll be taking another hiatus for a little while because I'M GOING TO TEXAS!!!! woohoooo!!! :D so see you guys in a bit!**


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, you are the vegan cake queen!

Ooh, and yay for Texas!

DJ said...

Enjoy Texas! Your chocolate cheery cakes look delicious!

shelby said...

You are one of the most talented bakers I know! Those little chocolate domes are beautiful!!! You should write a cookbook girl =)

alaina said...

oh my god, so beautiful!!

texas kicks ass, and i know CCV agrees with me ;)

foodfashionfun said...

Aww you make such pretty cakes! I am jealou sof the baking skills! And flowers!! How sweet!

River said...

I am always so impressed with all your awesome baking skills!

Cake #3 does too look very grandiose! Have fun in Texas Miss. Cutie Tofufreak!!

Sanja said...

O, wow, those cakes are awesome. I love the chocolate cages, they look so professional!

Stacey said...

Amazing cakes! Where in TX are you heading? If you're going to be in Houston I could recommend some places for you to check out.

Anardana said...

Wow!! That is an amazing cake! You should go into business!

Vegetation said...

Your cakes are beautiful!

Liz² said...

I love love love chocolate + cherries, can I have a slice of your cake artistry? :P~~~ yummm!

Lovliebutterfly said...

Wow! I just found your blog! Your so talented and creative with baking! Gorgeous cakes!

Kristel (TofuParty) said...

Mmmm, beautiful chocolate cakes!!!

jodye said...

Your cakes look so delicious! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

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