Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eh. Oops...

..I seem to have abandoned my blog. Again. Oh well! Sorry for the super duper long, unintentional hiatus. I'm back! With a super duper long post. Hope you make it through!

Meet Hannah:

We've basically been friends since forever, so earlier this summer, we had a week long sleepover. Woohoo!

Her dad is supercool and has a garden! Check out her broccoli:

Uhh.. That's me. With my hippie pie that we made in her thrift shop retro clothes :)

Said (Peach-berry)pie:

Random Vanilla Bean Cheezecake:

Cupcake Army! (A group of friends and I cupcaked some sad-lookin' people at school :] aren't we so nice?)

Raspberry Almond Tart

Random mini-cake:

Mini Pies! Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Cherry:



Supercharge me cookies(!!):

Mini Apple Pie:

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Tarts (total:200; they were for a grad party):

Plain Bagel:

Cinnamon Crunch Bagel:

Custom Cake:
Mini Dark Chocolate-Double Raspberry Cheezecakes

Custom Cake- Bridal Shower:

Summer Berry Tart!

And last but not least, Tapioca Parfaits

Hip hip hooray! So... yeah. I have a butload of stuff waiting to be uploaded still, so I'll be getting around to that soon!

Have a wonderful day! :)