Monday, March 31, 2008

Veganize me!

Contestant #1: fruit tart
traditional pie pastry filled with custard and topped with fruits

Contestant #2: Potato Bread
adding mashed potatoes to bread will make it softer

Contestant #3: 3D Snowman Cake!
used a cake pan from Williams Sonoma for this one

Contestant #4: Black Forest Cake with raspberries instead of cherries
chocolate cake sandwiched with cream and covered in chocolate shavings

i started baking in about 4th grade (not vegan though :( ) , so i decided that i am going to go on a quest to veganize all of my past specialties (keep in mind that i am in school and only have weekends off) so i shall veganize these asap!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

woohoo. hello world

hmmm. so this is interesting. ive been checking out like all vegan foodie blogs and am quite fascinated. ive decided to go vegan, not like it's that much of a change for me anyways. to be ironic, my first picture will be one of seitan instead of tofu :) it is a stir fry that i made with seitan, rehydrated wood ear and shittake mushrooms, lily flowers, ginger/garlic and spices. YUM! more later...