Monday, March 31, 2008

Veganize me!

Contestant #1: fruit tart
traditional pie pastry filled with custard and topped with fruits

Contestant #2: Potato Bread
adding mashed potatoes to bread will make it softer

Contestant #3: 3D Snowman Cake!
used a cake pan from Williams Sonoma for this one

Contestant #4: Black Forest Cake with raspberries instead of cherries
chocolate cake sandwiched with cream and covered in chocolate shavings

i started baking in about 4th grade (not vegan though :( ) , so i decided that i am going to go on a quest to veganize all of my past specialties (keep in mind that i am in school and only have weekends off) so i shall veganize these asap!


mustardseed said...

4th grade?? 4TH GRADE?? I couldn't even make instant noodles till I turned 12!!

I learnt to use a microwave to melt cheese(unvegan) when I was ten though.

I never learnt how to cook or bake by myself till last year, around October. Amazing how much I learnt in just a half a year.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...


First off, gorgeous cake!!! Wow, I am impressed!

About my bugs bunny waffle iron-- we've had it forever! I adored bunnies as a little girl, and wanted every single product that had a bunny on it. So we collected quite a few bunny-themed items! I have no idea where we bought it.