Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos a mi profesora!

This is actually super late, but hey! Better late than never. So here we go:
Snoopy/Valentine's Day themed 3 tier heart shaped birthday cake!

Top decor:

Front view:

Back view:

All of the Peanuts characters:

My professional photoshoot area (haha. NOT. this is actually a breezeway). As you can see, I have to use a lot of makeshift stuff.

Mi clase de espanol

...y mi profesora/blog buddy :)


Vegetation said...

SNOOPY! I used to love snoopy when I was a kid!!

Your cake is wonderful! I wish I could make cakes like you do.

And love the photo studio. Mine's the grass out in the backyard :P

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you are so talented! I couldn't decorate that cake to save my life haha

Anonymous said...

oooo nice cake!!

glad to see a new post from ya tofufreak!

i've missed ya!

ooh i've moved to wordpress by the way:)

Virginia said...

that cake is the most adorable thing EVER! glad to see a new post!

DJ said...

That cake is so adorable! As are you!

Vaala said...

That is the cutest cake ever! I want it!

Allison said...

¡Gracias por mi pastel delicioso! You're the best, Stephanie and I love you more than diet coke!!! Thanks for making my birthday (and our class!) so yummy and special. =]

Vegan_Noodle said...

What an amazing cake!! Nice job on the basketweave!
Your teacher had better give you an A+!

Jay said...

Wow I can never decorate a cake like that as much as I tried! I just found your blog and you are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cake is looking so cute and delicious!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful cake! Did you make it yourself?

vko said...

That cake is simply amazing! So freakin' cute- you are talented my dear!