Saturday, April 5, 2008

Almost disaster.

so yesterday i was at a friends house. and she is. so. not. vegan. or even close to being vegetarian or even pescatarian. so i was a bit worried and brought along some seitan jerky and snack bars. I DIDN'T NEED THEM!!!! YAY!!!! although i was looking forward to trying some of that LUNA bar...
o well.
so i was going to have dinner at home but then my friend calls and tells me that we are going to be eating out. (insert mild heart attack) so i got to my friend's house to have her inform me that we were going to a mongolian grill which definitely did not sound veg - friendly. so i went (what am i supposed to do?) and discovered........... TOFU!!!! and i was like MY LIFE IS SAVED!!! so yea and they even had brown rice!!! (besides tofu, my bowl also contained edamame, bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, green onions, garlic, jalapeños, soy sauce, and a shiitake mushroom sauce. it was better than i thought it would be.
hohum. on to the next food dilemma: breakfast. so i asked my friend what we were having for breakfast and she says bacon, eggs, milk, and fruit. AHHHHH!!!! are you kidding!!!!! so i whipped out my handy-dandy VWaV and made pancakes (fewf) . o btw do u guys find it weird that i brought soy milk in a thermos and didn't tell my friends that it was the "secret ingredient" to the pancakes? and that i had Earth Balance with me? just wondering because i felt kind of stupid getting the EB out of my bag, lol.

don't forget. tomorrow is the baby shower!

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Rach-ums said...

Nah it's not weird to bring soy milk with you! I should just carry it with me all the time lol. Most people don't have it. But maybe if some of your friends try it they might like it! And then buy it and keep it at their house for when you come over. My boyfriend tried it and says it tastes like cake batter... don't ask me why lol.