Monday, April 14, 2008

Good news. Bad news. evil brother has tricked me.

So here's the good news. i discovered my new favorite place in the world!!! it is called HEALTH FOODS UNLIMITED!!! i've known about for who knows how long (because of their really obnoxious commercials that i heard pre-vegan days) but yesterday was my first time in there! and now im wondering " WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!" haha. but that's not all! they even have an organic coffee and pastries cafe in the middle of the store! WITH VEGAN PASTRIES!!! i would have totally gotten a pic except for i didn't think of bringing my camera with me. among their selections were chocolate babycakes (which were definitely not baby-sized; i would say 6 oz., vanilla babycakes, raspberry bars of some sort, and a plethora of other goodies. so yea! moving on to the bad news.....

yesterday i was enjoying my meal of vegan chili with House Tofu Shirataki Noodles when my brother, who was eating wendy's c****** nuggets says, "you know there's meat in that, right?" and i'm thinking "uhhh no there's not!" and he smiles devilishly as he says " i put a piece of c****** in there!" so i get really mad and don't eat the rest of my dinner. but don't worry! i made up the calories later when i dug into my new carton of SO DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE VELVET!!! it was pretty good.

end of vent.


mustardseed said...

Oh no your bro is so bro likes to purposely create tension in between me and my mom/other people during meal times by suddenly staring at me and telling me, "You know what sis? You should eat more meat. Meat makes you strong. " He says that to make people agree with him, and draw attention to the fact that I don't support meat.

I already am made to eat meat during dinner by my mom, and I can't wait to turn 21 when my mom will let me eat what I want, but I don't get why people love making thing difficult for vegans.

Next time you can inspect your dinner before eating with your bro (:

And great that you have vegan ice cream...I can't afford any in singapore, it's so ridiculously expensive.

mustardseed said...

My bro is only 9. Not even there yet. Amazing how little boys hate veganism that much.

Rach-ums said...

Grossss! That sucks man. Please tell me you tattled on him to your parents, I mean that is just horrendous. He's probably just jealous that you are so awesome!

disa said...