Saturday, April 12, 2008

MUAHAHA! evil me has tricked her brother!

So this morning I woke up at 6 just because I couldn't sleep. i hate not being able to sleep later than 6. dumb biological clock. -_- oh well. I guess it's alright, because I MADE FRENCH TOAST! AND SCRAMBLED TOFU! and then i presented it on a pretty plate for my mother :) and my brother :) (my dad is out of town and out of luck hehe)

my mom didn't know that the scramble was tofu until she tasted it. haha. but i guess my brother is less of a food snob. read on.....

I waited till my brother was done eating before I asked him if there was anything wrong with breakfast. he said no. AND THEN I SAID HIS BREAKFAST WAS VEGAN!!! and he was like "so were those fake eggs?" i had to laugh before telling him to guess what it was. he couldn't tell what it was so I was kind and told him that it was tofu, to his bewilderment :)

lol. so in the tofu scramble, there were onions and tofu. i used cumin, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, salt and curry powder for the seasonings (curry powder was mostly for color) . mom's breakfast included a side of fresh strawberries and soymilk. she liked it a lot as did my brother :)

Mission accomplished.


mustardseed said...

i want some. oh yeah and I have the same biological clock, making me a breakfast person too! I looooooove hearty breakfasts and I love toast and tofu!!

my family NEVER eats anything I make cause they know it'll be vegan, no surprise. they just stay clear. ):

oh guess what? I have the same bowl you used to put your maple syrup. We use it for rice! (:

mustardseed said...

I guess some people are just so used to meat and animal products, they can't stand anything remotely vegan. My dad can get pretty hurtful cause though he's the only one in my family who would actually let me be vegan, he personally feels that vegans are difficult people and our food is weird and we're missing out on all the fun. It makes me so sad when I excitedly tell him of my latest kitchen adventure and he's like, oh yeah sure whatever, and eats a nice ribeye steak in front of me.

My sister can get worse. I once borrowed her 5 megapixel camera phone to take a picture of my chickpea noodle soup, the most amazing soup ever, and she showed it to my dad and brother and said it's the most disgusting thing she's ever seen, and everyone sorta agreed.