Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Veganized fruit tarts, Vegan baby shower, Vegan Cupcakes take over my Classmates!!

Here is my fruit tart before veganism:

Here they are after! they are every bit as delicious, if not better.

Vegan rubber ducky cake for the baby shower! I used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from VCTOTW.

My Vegan potato bread!!

These are vegan bao tze that i made. basically a steamed bun with a filling of shiitake mushrooms, rice vermicelli, green onions, bamboo, and sesame oil.

This was a really yummy salad made by the hostess. Salad greens with assorted fruits (strawberries, mandarin oranges, blackberries, etc) dressed in a light, tangy balsamic vinaigrette.

These were vegan sugar cookies, made in the form of treble clefs and eighth notes because the mommy-to-be is very musically talented (she plays harp for the local orchestra)

This is a confection made from sweet rice flour combined with sweet potato and powdered sugar, rolled into little balls, and fried. they kinda remind me of mochi.

This is the inside of a mantou that i made with the leftover bao dough. i used white whole wheat to make these.

These are mini cupcakes that i made with the leftover cake batter. my friends were like "Oh, they are sooooo gooood!! u have to make these again!! they are my favorite!!! etc." haha. then i let one of my vegetarian friends try one. she instinctively asked me "and these are vegan? wow." haha...

So i'm glad that i have one non-ignorant friend. yesterday in history class, my other friends were like "don't you need milk to survive?" or like "you're vegan?? what do you eat?" "Oh yeah, i've heard of veganism; it's really dangerous" "yea, i went vegan for a day. (what did u have?) i just had fruit and vegetables. i think i would die if i went vegan!" ARGHHHH!!!! o well. i guess i must still love them. they are my friends after all.

Oh yeah, at the baby shower, no one had negative comments about the food. in fact, i got marriage proposals! haha. only one was actually from a guy; the rest were from their parents or what have you. one lady, who has a son that is 3 years younger than me was like, "oh if only my son were older i would tell him to go after you" (creepy much?) and then this other lady, who has a son roughly 10 years older than me was like, "oh if only you were a bit older, i would tell my son to go after you. but it doesn't matter because in 10 years, age won't make a difference" (hmmmmm.. i don't even know this guy!!! T_T ) and then another lady was like "if only i had a son...... (you finish the sentence)" so yea . and then later, after i told him, my longtime friend was like "will u marry me?" so yea. all in all an interesting experience to say the least :)


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

We used to have a bd's near me! I loved that place, and I even went there for my birthday one year. Sadly, it closed... but at least there is Genghis Grill to keep me happy!

Haha I love the part of the title "Vegan cupcakes take over my classmates" and I even MORE love the musical note cookies-- too cute!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh, and the rubber ducky cake is so gosh-darn amazingly adorable!

mustardseed said...

Hey! I LOVE THOSE BAOS!!! In Singapore we have those meat filled ones, or veggie filled. There's also red bean paste, sweet corn, lotus seed paste, there's even one with yam paste, and the bao is purple!

But a health restaurant I like actually makes veggie and mushroom filled whole wheat paus. YUM.

I love the way you took your EB with you. I can't afford EB, but I remember getting a tub cheap when I was on holiday in LA. I brought it all the way to my friend's place for a sleepover!

mustardseed said...

Well no. (: Okay the taro paste in side the bao is purple cause taro is purplish in the first place, but bao in Singapore is just humble street snack food, so there's probably colouring, both in the paste and bao skin. Oh well. I tried it once and I liked it, but I got hungry an hour later. Refined carbs!

Health restaurants like these are emerging in Singapore, they're slowly gaining popularity I think. That restaurant's staff know me already, I would visit whenever I have the time to go out for lunch. They bake the best whole wheat bread and I only buy from them, never commercial loaves. They have whole wheat curry buns, baos, nut and seed rolls etc. Plus whole wheat crunchy cookies! They only use whole grains in their dishes too. Too bad it's rather costly dining there, but at least it's better than some overrated meat restaurant where you fork out more than $10 for a lousy steak.