Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super long post. Fortune Cookies, Dinners, Gluten Free Marshmallow Brownies, Earth Day (cake)!

How to make fortune cookies:
1. After placing fortune in cookie, fold over.

2. Using thumb, push center of cookie inwards.

3. Voila!

Here is a very yummy meat analogue: soy chik'n. it comes in a package from the asian grocery. i guess its like bean curd thats been rolled tightly to form many layers that are meant to represent chicken meat.

YUMMY PASTA!! This was a random pasta sauce that i made with onions, tomatoes, garlic, spices, and what have you. it was really good with the simmered chickpeas.

These are gluten free marshmallow brownies! my friend's little brother is a celiac who is also allergic to eggs, nuts, and dairy products (just think, if he went vegetarian, he would automatically be vegan!) So anyways, i made him vegan gluten free brownies with a rosette of ricemellow creme on top. when i gave it to him, his eyes lit up and he was like "i've never had a real brownie before! mmmmm!" and then his friends were like "ooohh can i have some?" so he shared with his friends and then this one kid says "they're just like my mom's brownies!" i have gotten vegan foods into omni kids!!

Last, but most certainly not least is this lovely earth cake. i used a betty crocker bake and fill pan so that it would be domed. under the very super messy facade lies a white cake with a chocolate pudding filling. yumm!



Paulina said...

Everything looks great, you are so talented! Congrats on getting omni kids to eat and enjoy your vegan treats...if only I could do that too :/

Liz² said...

awesome cake!!!

(and rosettes on brownies? win!)